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Android Screen Lock Pattern Repertoire

The simplest thing to be done is often fun to play with. The other day, I've been experimenting on several methods of screen lock. Pattern being the most interesting one, as I can impress people by showcasing a beautiful pattern. So in this post, I'm going to share some of my favorite screen lock pattern on Android (version 4.1.2).

Firstly, if you don't know how to configure a lock screen, go to Settings + Lock Screen + Screen Lock. Choose "Pattern (Medium Security)" to begin.

Basic rules to a unique pattern:
1. It has to be symmetrical in some way.
2. It resembles some symbol.
3. You need to connect at least 4 dots, but not all dots are necessarily connected. For math nerds, that leaves us with a (9! + (9P8) + (9P7) + (9P6) + (9P5) + (9P4)) possible combinations of pattern, which is 985824 possible combinations. Imagine how creative we can be utilizing those possibilities!
4. Rules are made to be broken.

To simplify this tutorial, each dot is labelled with numbers:

So when I say 74269 or 96247, it will look like:

Are you ready? Let's begin to explore some fantastic pattern.

The Initial

The basic premise is putting your initial to your lock screen. While this might be easily guessed and not unique, it could settle your identity to your lock screen. Some of the letters that can be put into the lock screen are M (7415369), N (7415963), S (321456987), R (74123659), T (85213) and G (321478965).

Mr. Simple

The main idea is to connect as few dots as possible, but still maintaining its symmetry. For example:

8546, 2546, 4528, or 6528.

The Disproportionate Swastika (125897463, NOT 364798521)

The Impossible 3-Ends

 This pattern is called that way because it is somehow impossible to make 3 ends in one line, but the image shows you that it's actually possible. Plus it is also beautifully symmetrical! I proudly present the code for you: 854693217 or 856471239.

The Impossible 4-Ends

Four ends? WTF? It's actually pretty simple and less beautiful than the magical 3-ends because it's not symmetrical. here's the code: 785469321.

Now let's move on to more complex ones. 

Swarm the Centre (573289146)

Shooting Star (576248319)

 The Milky Way

This is one of the most beautiful lock screen pattern that I've ever seen. The code is 529438167. Enjoy.

That's all I have to say tonight.
Which pattern do you think is the cutest? Do you have any extraordinary pattern that you want to share? Post a comment below and let me know!

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  1. Hello I just want to correct you that your answer of 985824 possible combinations is incorrect. One of the counterexample is (8254) which is not possible because you cant go from 8 to 2 without taking the 5. In your solution (8254) is included and many other not correct moves also :) (Don`t worry, be happy)