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The Simulation Hypothesis

     Are you ready for your brain to explode? The question that is very nature about our existence! For and all out infogasm that will leave you exhilarated, breathless, and begging for more! If so then prepare to be punched in the face by the fist of knowledge because it's time for The Simulation Hypothesis!

     Through billions of years of evolution, life on earth has transformed from protists, to single-cell organisms, to mammals, all the way to strange creatures known as humans. Now, you and I are examples of these human creatures, and it is our evolutionary best interest, to be smart. Because of our natural evolutionary desires to be smart and to understand things over the course of our species existence, we have developed technology.

     Now by today's standard, the first man-made technologies were ridiculously simplistic and technological advances were far between. But as time went on and technologies were gradually developed, each new bit of technology allows the next technological step forward to happen sooner than the last. Fast forward a few thousand years and we've got computers, we've got the internet, we've got technologies being developed, at an incredible clip, with no signs of slowing down.

     Indeed, computers are increasingly empowered at such a ridiculously fast exponential rate that to try to think what they might be capable of even just fifty years from now, is damn, near, impossible!

     Let us, however, speculate a little bit! We already have computer simulation of all sorts of different things. Engineers can simulate the physics of their design. Scientists can simulate extreme experimental condition. Gamers can simulate complicated and beautiful fantasy world.

     As we continue to improve this simulation, who's to say that someday, be it as few as fifty or as many as fifty thousand years from now, we won't be able to simulate something as complicated as the entire known universe?

     Now, who knows, maybe for reasons we haven't discovered yet that there is an upper limit to our computing potential and we'll never be able to simulate hyper-complicated things. But as we understand computing today, there's no reason that simulating the entire universe, couldn't someday be possible.

     Now here's where things get really weird. If it's ever going to be possible for us to create hyper-complicated simulation with beings inside who can think for themselves and have no idea that their reality isn't really real, then who's to say that we aren't already in one? What if some society reach the technological point where they could simulate something as complex as the universe, and so they did, and that universe is where we live.

     Now what if their universe was simulated, and the universe that simulated, that universe was simulated, and the universe that simulated, that universe was simulated, and so on, and so on, literally, to the infinite!

     Once you reach this point of thought, science, and religion, and philosophy all melt together, and nothing makes sense!

     My brain is melting. I honestly think, that my brain, is melting!

     Alright, okay, let me just boil all of these down to the simplest form possible. If it is not possible for things as complicated as the entire known universe to be simulated, then reality as we experienced is almost certainly real. If it is, however, possible to simulate entire universes then reality as we experienced is almost certainly, a simulation!

     Ladies and Gentleman, this simulation hypothesis is something that totally blows, my mind!

Source: YouTube - Pogobat
Transcribed by myself. Hope you like it. Tell me what you think by posting a comment or reply me on Twitter @MarcelCorleone.

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